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Engage the Energy - Frank/Mikey fic

Title Engage the Energy
Author chainer_morgana
Beta the wonderful katiexrawr, thank you very much for helping me with that! (and blame me for any mistake you can still find ;))
Pairing Mikey/Frank
Rating NC17
Warning Bondage, toys, BDSM, breath play, orgasm denial.
Words 849 (Word says :P)
Note That’s a text message(s) fic. I know, you’re probably thinking “what?”. But it was around 3am, I was bored, my girlfriend, raffie79, was working and I was blocked in bed post-surgery, so I took my phone and started texting her. At the end we had 21 text messages and this fic. I copied and adjusted it a little, but I decided to keep the short sentences and paragraphs.
Oh, it’s also one of my first English fic, so be gentle ;)
Ah, and title probably doesn’t fit, but I was listening to Planetary, Gee sang this sentence and it became my title XD

Dedicate to raffie79, I couldn't plot such things without you, my love.

Fic under the fake cut
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