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Bulletproof Heart - Killjoys Verse RPG

Bulletproof Heart
Fandom: Killjoys Verse
Location: Invisionfree Message Board
Link to Game: http://z15.invisionfree.com/BP_HEART/index.php
Opening/Opened: Jan 2011
Time Setting: August, 2019
Contact: SPOOKS
Age Limit: It's completely open, as long as you can hold your on in a literate game.
Restrictions: None
Needed: Party Poision, Kobra Kid, Jet Star & Korse

welcome to the world of the fabulous killjoys, tumbleweeds. from here on in you're in a world of colour and corruption. based on the concept created by MCR (that's my chemical romance to you and i!) BULLETPROOF HEART revolves around the lives of the people who inhabit california, 2019.

in a part of the futuristic world which runs completely on battery power, BLI (better living industries) has taken over battery city, the heart of california and the main power. surrounding the city? six concentric zones, each more dangerous than the last and with various degrees of BLI's security holding sway over them. in order to keep control of the inhabitants of battery city, BLI have been forcing it's population to take daily pills. these pills are created to turn the people into mindless zombies. they walk around but there's no one home. and just to make sure that no one is cheating, they're pouring the drugs into the water system as well.r

whilst some people are resigned to their fate, and others aren't even aware of it. a number managed to escape battery and malstorme city, out into the badlands. now inhabiting the zones with varying levels of control, these outlaws have formed gangs. all are dangerous, all are fighting the system, but none are as famous or as hunted as the killjoys. but it's not all fun and games, because when you're the most hated group in the zones, life's far from easy. especially when you have a young girl with you, who BLI are willing to do anything to get hold of....

lead by dr. death defying, do you chose to make your way through the badlands as an outlaw? or do you chose to live life as a civilian? shoot through the zones as a runner? or maybe join the BLI? it's done to you.

look alive, sunshine.
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